Dream Chaser: Christian Phyfier

I feel I’ve mastered the fear of rejection or failure.
— Christian Phyfier

A 27 years old Honolulu native raised by a single mom. He found a passion for business early in life and knew since the age of 12 he was going to run his own company.  

He is currently an entertainment agent and own’s a multi-division Entertainment & Business Marketing and Development Agency called the GPME Group as well as a few other media based companies. 

Overview of GPME Group

The GPME Group is the one stop company that can take any entrepreneur in any phase of entrepreneurship to the next level. They have developed relationships with other prestigious companies to help their clients with the basic needs to become successful, such as, business cards and flyers, which are, offered to their company cheaper than market rates.  Also, they carry in-house services to assist entrepreneurs, such as web development, video production and many other resources. 

They offer a low membership fee for customers to receive the benefits of the company, or they can pay for certain items a la carte. 

What inspired you to start?

I was inspired to be an entertainment agent at the age of 12, meeting a sports agent for the first time. I admired him for his knowledge of the industry and that he was able to get access to places and things that no one else could. I studied what it took to become one and took off. 

What challenges have you faced pursuing your dream?

I believe most entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams wholeheartedly come across the same challenges.

It honestly just depends on the level you are at and how much skin you have in the game.  Even when you have mastered some of the challenges, some still creep back on you. I feel I’ve mastered the fear of rejection or failure. I’ve completely learned that failing is apart of the process and  is only completely true if I quit.  

The roller coaster of mental challenges within: This is great....this is okay....what am I doing....am I doing the right thing....I’m not crap....I'm dumb....wait this is cool....oh this will work....this is great.

We all go through it, and until you get that first check, or that first client, you are constantly questioning your path.  

Success is something that comes when someone finds their purpose and then lives that purpose to its fullest everyday.

Mind blown....That was just the first thing that came to mind. . .I hope I didn’t steal it, because it looks & sounds good! lol
— Christian Phyfier.

Then there's the focus part. The balance part. The money part. I’ve gone through, and am still going through them now, even after the company just had its best quarter since its founding in 2012. Despite it all, when you realize that there are people who have made it through those same challenges and become great, you realize there is no difference between them and you. Everything around you was created by people who were no smarter than you, they just focused and never quit. 

What motivates you to pursue your dream?

Freedom for myself and my family.

My deepest desire is not necessarily the money. Money is just the tool, its freedom. Whether I accomplish that by living off the grid with no money and playing my guitar on a street, or by being a multi billionaire. Freedom is the motivation.

Whats the best advice you have received?

Ahh I have plenty, but two that I live by daily:

"You’re an ugly boy, so if a girl ever wants to be in your life....Make sure you ask them why?”
- Louis Honore Sr. Aka Daddy Lou (My grandfather) 
(He’s a great joker, but the moral was to make sure I don’t get taken advantage of)  
Never follow a person that isn’t in a better place in life than you." 
- Louis Honore Sr. Aka Daddy Lou (My grandfather) 

Tell me about your proudest achievement?

Being able to help my family get through the little humps in life. It's as simple as that. Whether its assistance to get new cars or loan a few dollars, I like being able to help for once rather having to watch them struggle. 

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In five years I see myself traveling helping others realize some of the things I have. Helping them get to their enlightened stages. 

Business wise, more expanding. Assisting people nationwide. A few more businesses in the portfolio. Trading in less time for money. Being 5x more free than I am today.






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