Dream Chaser: Marjani of MVHPhoto

Photography is a real career, and establishing that respect can be a challenge.
— Marjani

Marjani is an idealist, princess, and creative soul. She is a writer; a few years ago she finished her first novel manuscript. The story is a lesbian romance between two co-workers with a significant age gap. (Stay tuned!) Marjani is a feminist, and a lover of lipstick, coffee and Bates Motel. Her business is called MVHPhoto, She does freelance portrait, music and fashion photography. Those are a few parameters but she is fan of all types of photography and truly do it all. (www.mvhphoto.com)

What inspired you to start?

Falling in love all the time. I wanted to capture permanent images of the beautiful women and men who got my heart racing.

What challenges have you faced pursuing your dream?

The act of separating from the iPhone/Instagram photographer craze can be a challenge. Not everyone is a photographer just because they use their phone or buy a DSLR. Owning a big ole’ camera does not equal photography. I have seen people with thousands of dollars in gear but their images lack heart. I do not want to be blend in with the hobbyists and trend-chasers. Photography is a real career, and establishing that respect can be a challenge.

What motivates you to pursue your dream?

Well, pursuing my dreams is not outside of me. What I want to do, I do. So I am motivated to create because I feel it every day.

How do you define success?

The mental picture of my ideal life matching closely with reality. Also, monetary freedom that allows for travel and additional avenues for creativity.

What’s the best advice you have received?

Do you.

Tell me about your proudest achievement?

My 6 page fashion editorial spread for Blum Magazine. I had been published numerous times before, but this magazine was my first full-length print feature.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Living somewhere grey, cold, and quiet. Being an author too. I also imagine that I will be working on a larger scale within the celebrity/music/fashion photography scene (Nylon, Spin, Galore, etc.,).
Portfolio: www.mvhphoto.com
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