Dream Chaser: Francisco Ramirez

I am a very critical person, I believe that everything I do can always be done better.
— Francisco Ramirez

Francisco Ramirez went to school at Northern Arizona University for Merchandising. He is currently going to school at Mesa Community College perusing a degree in clothing design and manufacturing. Francisco business is called Francisco Raul; it caters to girls that yearn for sophistication, chic styles, and one of a kind pieces. He wishes that he could say that his focus is one niche market, but he gets bored and constantly needs to challenge his self. Even now, his mind is racing with the possibilities of new projects.   

What inspired you to start?

I have always been very indecisive. The first time I attended community college I probably changed my major 15 times. I remember walking the campus one day, and all the different school clubs were trying to recruit new members. I was stopped by one member of the fashion club, we talked for a few minutes and that was all. I remember telling my boyfriend at the time about considering becoming a member. He laughed and made a few jokes about it.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I was at work talking to a coworker about a dream that I had the night prior. I wish I remember the exact dream, but it was such a long time ago. I remember that it was about me being in the fashion industry. I was telling her that it was such a dumb dream and if she could imagine me being in that industry. I wanted her to almost reiterate what that old boyfriend had said, but she didn’t. She talked about the importance of doing what made you happy. That in the long run we have to do what’s right for us. So I did.      

What challenges have you faced pursuing your dream?

Photographers Information: www.dianaphotographs.com  IG: @dianaphotographs   

Photographers Information: www.dianaphotographs.com

IG: @dianaphotographs


Time, I sometimes wish there were more hours in a day. One has to be very strategic in having a balance on both business and personal time. I currently have a non-fashion related full-time job and I go to school. I am required to have a certain amount of homework per week. I also need to make time for my boyfriend and family. That usually only allows for a certain amount of hours to make any personal project.  All I can say is that I sleep just enough to prevent a mental breakdown.

What motivates you to pursue your dream?

My family and friends. I’ve always had the unconditional support from each and one of them. They keep me motivated and focus. I am a very critical person, I believe that everything I do can always be done better. I strive for perfection and sometimes don’t realize the beauty of something because I am looking at its flaws. They give me a different prospective. I do this for them, to hopefully one day thank them in an amazing way to show my gratitude for their support.  

How do you define success?

Photographers Information: www.dianaphotographs.com  IG: @dianaphotographs

Photographers Information: www.dianaphotographs.com

IG: @dianaphotographs

You have two different individuals. One that has broken a record in an Olympic track event, and one that has just walked 3 steps. The person that ran in the Olympic event has been practicing all his/her life for that occasion. The other one lost his/her legs and now has to learn how to walk again on prosthetics. Both people have a similar goal but their definition of success is completely different. I see success the same way. There are many aspects in my life, so I am constantly striving to be successful in all. With that said, its also something that constantly changes, something that was important at one point is no longer important and vise versa.    

Whats the best advice you have received?

To always have a milkshake with me, because apparently it will bring all the boys to the yard.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I still love making one of a kind pieces. With that said, I would love to have a separate clothing line that is marketed more towards the mass population. I would love to intern in one of the couture house in Europe. Have the big home with the white picket fence, the cat and dog, the minivan, and the 2.5 children.   



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