The Brand

Founded in 2014 by Aquila Reed, Aquila Grayscale is a lifestyle brand featuring designs in a monochrome color palette. As a brand, I hope to inspire people to follow their dreams despite their circumstances.

The Concept

My designs are contemporary with a hint of vintage. Each design is a reflection of how I see the world behind the shade of life circumstances.

The History

In 2009 my life drastically change when I was diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri*. Although this disease weakened my vision, it has not taken away my passion. Pseudotumor Cerebri has taught me how fragile life is and the importance of pursuing your dreams.


*Pseudotumor Cerebri is a rare disease that affects 1 in 100,000 people. It occurs when inter cranial pressure increases on your optic nerve, causing debilitating headaches which can lead to blindness.